A Guide to Civic Engagement

June 8, 2015

Dear NaFFAA Region Chairs:

As requested by NaFFAA National Officers and several Region Chairs, we have put together NaFFAA’s Guide to Civic Engagement. We hope it engages you to empower your membership to promote their participation in the democratic processes and governing institutions of the United States. Our numbers should count and our voices should be heard.

By providing national coordination, improving communications and by promoting appropriate strategies, NaFFAA wants to bolster its efforts to ensure successful Civic Engagements. NaFFAA’s political program is aimed at increasing Filipino American voter participation in local and national elections. Regions with high density of Filipino Americans will be primarily targeted – but know that ALL are part of this program and should engage.

It is also our hope to have continuing interactions with you as we all go through your political engagement with high priorities of networking with other organizations and explore all possibilities of funding your projects.

Thank you for your hands-on participation which would be the major key to the success of this program in your regions.

Fil-Am Vote Logo

In solidarity,
Gloria T. Caoile and Juanito R. Amor, Jr.
Co-Chairs, NaFFAA Fil-Am Vote Project

1 thought on “A Guide to Civic Engagement

  1. Ernesto Gange

    My dear Gloria and Juanito mi Amor, I suggest that the Fil-Vote Committee, expand the appeal to City, County or Congressional District Levels. America is a big country. We cannot just call on the Region Chair, because, they neither have the influence nor the knowledge of the behaviour of the local politics. The late TIP O’NEAL, my hero, the Speaker of the House of Representatives said, that, POLITICS IS LOCAL, and, I agree. Please read his book, THE MAN IN THE HOUSE, As a matter of fact, give each member of NaFFAA who want to get involved in Fil-Vote. WE HAVE TO STOP KIDDING OURSELVES. The Region Chairs cannot do the job, and, they never did. As a matter of fact, we should not expect them to do the FILVOTE. OUR FIL-VOTE PROJECT FOR THE FILIPINO AMERICANS, WILL ALWAYS REMAIN A DREAM in NaFFAA, we CONTINUE TO RELY ON THE REGION CHAIR. I strongly recommend, that, we start. at least, in the CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT LEVEL. They will be known as our DESIGNATED HITTER in each of the US Congressional Districts. We must always have one for the Republicans, and, one for the Democrats. I want them to compete with each other. If you do not believe mr, PLEASE ASK ED NAVARRA.However, in the areas, where we have a large Filipino population, then, we go down to the Town or Borough level..AND, PLEASE, BE VERY GENEROUS IS GIVING THEM TITLES. Let us follow the Banks, who are very generous in titles, and, the lowest title I know is AVP, or ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT.


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