One-Pager Presentations

2013 Summit

To ensure a smooth and effective Summit, delegates were asked to read and become familiar with all the One Pagers and their attachments. Before asking questions of a presenter, everyone was asked to make sure their questions were not already answered in the One Pagers or attachments. Questions were written down for reference during the Summit.

The Summit Participant Handbook provided additional information on the conduct and plans for the summit.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Presentation (5 minutes) – The Presenter provided an overview of their One Pager or specific program. This was the place to uplift the spirit, engage the audience, encourage their participation, etc.
  • Discussion (20 minutes) – The Presenter invited the delegates to participate in the discussion of their topic. Delegates had up to 2 minutes or less to ask questions or provide feedback. Similarly, presenter’s responses were limited to less than 2 minutes. Questions, responses, or comments were business appropriate.
  • Parliamentary Process (5 minutes) – The Presenter or his/her representative (who must be member of the Board of Directors) was prepared with a Motion. In order for the motion to be voted upon, it was seconded. A majority vote by the Board of Directors in favor of a motion led to it being carried and adopted.

Presentation Schedule

One-Pager Topics Author Presenter
1. Newsletter and Website Ryan Tejero
Armin M. Sayson
Ed Navarra
2. NaFFAA Washington DC Office Jon Melegrito
Bing Branigan
Jon Melegrito
Bing Branigan
3. FilAm Tax Help
* Attachment
Rey Lopez Rey Lopez
4. Programs and Grants Ed Navarra Ed Navarra
5. We Break the Dawn: 2014 Empowerment
* Attachment
Leezel Ramos Leezel Ramos
6. Improving Healthcare Rommel Rivera, MD Rommel Rivera, MD
7. Alex Esclamado Scholarship Program Ryan Tejero Gloria T. Caoile
8. NaFFAA Training for Digital Engagement
* Attachment A
* Attachment B
Lorna L. Dietz Lorna L. Dietz
9. NaFFAA Region I – Advocacy Merit Salud Merit Salud
10. NaFFAA National Crisis Management Policy Jon Melegrito
Bing Branigan
Lorna L. Dietz
Jon Melegrito
Bing Branigan
Lorna L. Dietz
11. Strategic Alliance Partnership Jing Espiritu Jing Espiritu
Information Economic Empowerment Gus Mercado Gus Mercado
Read-Ahead Mentoring Future Leaders Marilyn Doromal
Read-Ahead Filipino American Youth in Higher Education Utah Youth

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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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