Past Summits

In addition to the National Empowerment Conferences (NEC), which are held every even year, NaFFAA leaders convene a summit as needed to continue the work remaining to be done from the most recently concluded NEC.

2011 Summit, “Political Education & Strategic Planning
Bally Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

2011 Summit AttendeesApproximately 90 executive board members and representatives of the 12 regional chapters met in Las Vegas on May 13-15, 2011, for a Political Education & Strategic Planning Summit to discuss NaFFAA’s 2011-2012 agenda. The board affirmed its support for NaFFAA’s FilAm VOTE Project to encourage more Filipino Americans to register as voters and to actively participate in the political process; SAVE Act, or the Save Our Industries Act, a bill pending in Congress that would allow apparel products from the Philippines to enter the U.S. duty-free; Medicare portability, a proposed amendment to US Medicare law allowing US retirees to avail of their Medicare benefits in the Philippines; and the DREAM Act, or the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, which would provide conditional permanent residency to undocumented students provided they satisfy certain conditions. Summit delegates also discussed the Global Summit on Filipinos in Diaspora, which was in Manila in September 2011, and the Memorandum of Understanding between NaFFAA and the Philippine Government to jointly address legal defense of Filipinos abroad, human trafficking particularly in labor, and global coordination of Philippine disaster relief.

During the summit, the By-Laws Committee reviewed proposed amendments to the NaFFAA By-Laws and presented them to the Summit delegates and the Board of Governors, who approved them as presented. The members of the committee were:

  • Chair – JT Mallonga
  • Vice Chair – Emraida Kiram
  • Member – Luly Esclamado
  • Member – Rodel Rodis
  • Member – Rudy Asercion

2011 Summit AttendeesNewly-appointed Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., who attended the summit, called on NaFFAA to urge all Filipino Americans to vote. Summit delegates honored Lourdes Mitra Esclamado, one of the founders of NaFFAA along with her husband Alex, who served as NaFFAA’s founding chair.

At the closing session of the conference, NaFFAA National Chairman Ed Navarra expressed NaFFAA’s appreciation of the work of Region Chair 11 Nadia Jurani, Nevada State Chair Amie Del Monte, Youth Adviser Jing Espiritu, former National Vice-Chair Rozita Lee, and the Nevada chapter of Region 11 for their excellent work in hosting the 2011 Summit. He confirmed that the 10th NaFFAA National Empowerment Conference will be hosted by Michigan chapter of Region 3 in Detroit, Michigan, under the leadership of Region 3 Chair Emraida Kiram and with Michigan State Chair Willie Dechavez serving as Conference Chair.

2013 Summit, “Moving Forward — One Voice, One Vision
Bally Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

NaFFAA leaders came together in Las Vegas on August 16-18, 2013 for a Strategic Planning Summit to continue the vision set forth by its founders and to move the organization forward with its mission in spite of the challenges it faced. The summit focused on the following topics:

  • NaFFAA 2014 Empowerment
  • Immigration Reform
  • Succession Planning (Training and Mentoring Programs)
  • Fundraising (Endowments, Grants, Events)
  • Advocacy (US and International Issues)
  • Communication (Legislative Issues, Newsletter, Website and National Directory)
  • Membership (Recruitment, Retention and Recognition)

The Las Vegas Summit planners (Chair Giselle Rushford; Co-chair Jing Espiritu; and Members Ed Navarra, JT Mallonga, Gloria Caoile, and Ryan Tejero) worked hard to make the summit a success. They invited Filipino-American community leaders throughout the 12 Regions to network and bond with one other, and to share their local best practices via One-Pagers. Their goal was to create a NaFFAA National One-Pager, which would describe the organization’s Vision; Mission; Values, Characteristics, Beliefs and Behaviors; Critical Success Factors; Strategies; Goals; Key Initiatives; and Tag Line.

The Strategic Planning Summit was a hectic and fruitful day and a half. The following is a recap.

Day One: August 17, 2013, 8 am through 5 pm

Summit participants used a True Colors exercise as an icebreaker and were asked to use colors throughout the summit as a tool to better communication.

Motions from the One Pager Presenters for Day Two’s consideration were submitted.

Day Two: August 18, 2013, 8 am through 12 pm


The 12 Motions submitted were read and each motion was deliberated upon through the Parliamentary process presided by National Vice Chair JT Mallonga, with Giselle Rushford and Jing Espiritu facilitating. After the deliberations, the Resolutions were voted upon and approved by the Board of Directors.


Based on JT Mallonga’s presentation on the Task Force Creation, six (6) Task Forces were created to move NaFFAA forward with each Task Force communicating with each other. The before and after Organization Charts were presented at the Summit. The ultimate goal was for each Region to identify Programs that can be funded by National through the Finance/Funding Task Force. Emraida Kiram, Brendan Flores and Giselle Rushford were appointed as the National Task Force Committee Members to oversee the Task Forces, and Bing Branigan was appointed as the Ombudsman to ensure continuous communication.

The Committee divided the responsibilities for overseeing the Task Forces.

  • Brendan Flores oversees the Finance/Funding and Communication task forces
  • Giselle Rushford oversees Education/Training and Advocacy task forces
  • Emraida Kiram oversees Community Organizing and Community Services task forces

National Chair Ed Navarra gave his closing remarks and Greg Macabenta enthused in expanding the Alex Esclamado Scholarship Program, which will be under the Education/Training Task Force.


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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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