2012-2014 Directorates

The National Chair, in consultation with the National Vice Chair, appoints the chairs of the following Directorates. The Directorate Chairs serve for a term of one year and may be re-appointed.

Directors (2012-2013)

  • Community Outreach (Students & Young Professionals) – Steven Raga
    • Plans for NaFFAA’s local, state, regional, or national officers to be interviewed on local or national radio and television and other media outlets, as required
    • Organizes community events, lectures, or seminars that bring NaFFAA and its programs to the communities
    • Helps obtain speakers, lecturers, and panelists for local, state, regional, or national events, conventions, or conferences
    • Reaches out to other organizations and establishes networking or cooperative events beneficial to the Filipino Community
  • DevelopmentJing Espiritu
    • Identifies funding sources to support NaFFAA’s programs and projects
    • Writes and pursues grants from federal, regional, or state entities, charitable organizations, and other granting agencies
    • Coordinates the preparation, writing and submission of grant proposals and directs them to the local, state, or regional officers, who presents them to prospective donors upon approval of the National Chair
    • Develops information and promotional materials related to NaFFAA’s programs and projects
    • Maintains a list of grants written and approved and submits it for publication in the NaFFAA Newsletter
  • External AffairsLoida Nicolas Lewis
    • Charged with Filipino American issues involving the Philippines and Filipinos in the diaspora
    • Liaison for and on behalf of NaFFAA in advocacies for good governance
    • Assists the National Chair and the National Operations Office in establishing contacts and official representation with government and private entities
    • Serves as NaFFAA’s liaison with other Asian and Pacific Islander communities and organizes meetings and seminars, and conducts information sessions where our communities may advocate on issues of mutual benefit
  • FilAm VoteRudy Asercion / Merit Salud, Esq.
  • Fundraising
  • Legislative AffairsGloria T. Caoile
    • Conducts policy and legislative research into issues NaFFAA should take interest in and publishes the results as a position paper in the NaFFAA Newsletter
    • Articulates NaFFAA’s position regarding issues of advocacy affecting Filipinos in the United States
    • Serves as NaFFAA’s specialist on immigration and citizenship concerns
    • Recommends and writes policy papers for and on behalf of NaFFAA
  • Media CommunicationsBing Branigin / Jon Melegrito
    • Serves as the media and press relations officer
    • Adopts the official NaFFAA position as determined by the National Chair and the Board of Governors on matters of interest to the organization
    • Initiates and develops the publication of brochures, pamphlets, souvenir programs, or other educational, cultural, or informational materials bearing the NaFFAA name for dissemination on a local, regional, or national basis
    • Disseminates information on behalf of the Federation
    • Serves as the NaFFAA Newsletter editor
  • ProgramsRommel Rivera, MD
    • Develops, plans, and coordinates NaFFAA’s national education and advocacy programs
    • Serves as the point-of-contact for state and regional chairs regarding meetings or conferences
    • Maintains a list of state and regional activities for the year and submits it for publication in the NaFFAA Newsletter
    • Makes available to the entire membership a comprehensive plan of activities on an annual basis and updates it quarterly
    • Recommends educational initiatives and advocacy programs of vital interest to NaFFAA that align with its mission and vision
  • Information TechnologyArmin M. Sayson
    • Responsible for the acquisition, utilization, and implementation of information technology and computer communication systems for NaFFAA
    • Recommends methods for disseminating NaFFAA’s messages to Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the United States using technology and social media
  • Legal CounselRodel Rodis, Esq.
    • Acts as the lawyer for NaFFAA
    • Provides advice on all legal matters affecting NaFFFAA upon the request of the National Chair or the Board of Governors
    • Provides legal advice, maintains updates on Federation laws, rules, and regulations and perform such functions as are necessary to ensure NaFFAA operates within the boundaries set forth by the Federal government and within the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code as it applies to the organization
    • Works closely with the Director of Legislative Affairs on issues of concern to NaFFAA
    • Brings to NaFFAA’s attention issues the organization should be concerned with and recommends appropriate actions
    • Serves as the Chair of the Grievance Committee
    • Represents NaFFAA in all actions that involve the organization

2012-2014 Board of Directors | 2012-2014 Directorates | 2012-2014 Committees

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