Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the policy- and decision-making body of NaFFAA. The National Chair presides at all board meetings. In his absence, the National Vice Chair presides at the board meetings.

The NaFFAA Board of Directors consists of the Board of Governors and the Region Chairs. The Board of Governors is made up of the 15 members elected during the National Empowerment Conference held on an even-numbered year. The Region Chairs consist of the chairs of the 13 Regions elected during the Regional Conferences held on an odd-numbered year. The National Executive Director is appointed by the National Chair.

Accredited NaFFAA delegates that attended the 10th National Empowerment Conference (10th NEC) in Detroit, Michigan, elected the 15 members of the Board of Governors. Also, during the 10th NEC, the board elected the National Executive Officers from within the members of the Board of Governors.

The term of office of all members of the elected Board of Governors is two (2) years. However, for the board members elected during the 10th NEC only, the term of office for the National Executive Officers and the Board of Governors are as shown below.

National Executive Officers (2014-2016)

Board of Directors

Board of Governors (2014-2020)

Board of Governors (2012-2018)

Board of Governors (2012-2016)

Region Chairs (2013-2015)

Board of Directors | Directorates | Committees | Regions

11th National Empowerment Conference Corporate Sponsors


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