NaFFAA National Office
1322 18th St NW, Washington DC 20036-1803
Phone: 347-669-8764


11th National Empowerment Conference Corporate Sponsors


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. ASV

    Mga Kababayan,

    In this time of devastating calamity in the Philippines with 10,000 or so lives lost & most housed flattened in Tacloban City & other areas, I think NaFFAA should show its muscle & charitable spirit.

    I wonder what initiatives the umbrella organization is taking to be able to send immediate help for relief of the affected areas… How about getting all the community organizations involved in fund raising for food, clothes, & housing even temporary ones & collection of donated goods such as canned goods, powdered milk, coffee, purification systems for clean water, clothes, medicine, makeshift shelters, sanitation facilities,etc.

    The monies can be placed in an account to be delivered to the church or trust worthy organizations such as Lions Clubs, Rotarians & Gawad Kalinga to name some. Needless to say, there should be transparency. There should be accessible to the public records of funds collected so that Filipinos in the future would do it again if need be like a Emergency Fund for Disaster Relief such as what happened in Central Visayas.

    Philippine cargo companies can be tapped for donation of their services as drop off points & shipping of boxed donations of food, clothes, etc. Volunteers can be recruited from different Fil-American community organizations to help process the boxed donations with records of names of donors & what was donated & quantities of boxes donated. If the donor wants to remain anonymous so be it but there should be a record of such a donation.

    I think that is the only way that the trust of Filipinos can be won — if there is transparency & accountability.

    We are many but not united so it is time that Filipinos collaborate to help their kababayans in need. Even with just $1-$5-$10-$20-$100 (whatever they can afford) donation from each Filipino world wide, it should help with the relief efforts to damaged areas.

    The Filipino-American newspapers, Filipino cable channels, & websites can be used to spread the word to the public about the Relief Campaign for Victims of the recent typhoon.

    The country can accept help from other countries but Filipinos should be in the forefront of relief efforts to this humungus calamity. Would you not agree?

    I think the NaFFAA as an umbrella organization has the wherewithal to lead in relief efforts by summoning all its member organizations to participate.

    Wealthy Leytenos should also be opening their hearts & wallets to their hapless kaprovincia. If there are $billions somewhere which belong to the Filipino people anyway, it is high time it is made available especially in the extremely needy cirucumstances Leytenos find themselves due to the merciless typhoon. Sa mga naturingan o kinaukulan, kailan pa kayo magkaroon ng malasakit sa kapwa kung hindi ngayon???

    Kababayan po,


  2. Meriam Knoblaugh

    I am from Leyte and I have contact with some of the people working at the city hall. Some of them have reported that water comes in boxes but are NOT distributed to the local people. Water is just kept for the soldiers or military and other government official workers. I should contact the news media here like CNN that maybe something could be done. Millions of money is sent and maybe not being received for good cause.


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