On August 4, 2012, during the 10th National Empowerment Conference (10th NEC) in Detroit, Michigan, accredited delegates elected 15 members to serve on the Board of Governors.  For 2012 only, a new voting procedure was implemented, with the five highest vote-getters serving for three terms (or 6 years), the next five highest vote-getters for two terms (or 4 years), and the last five highest vote-getters for 1 term (2 years).

During succeeding National Empowerment Conferences (NECs) held on even years, accredited delegates will elect five members to serve on the Board of Governors to replace the members whose terms will expire. The term of office for members of the elected Board of Governors is two (2) years.

The Board of Governors, which consists of the 15 newly-elected members, elect from among their ranks the National Chair, National Vice Chair, National Secretary, and National Treasurer.

Accredited delegates at the Regional Conferences held in the odd years between the NECs elect the Chairs of the 13 Regions.

The Board of Governors and the Region Chairs make up the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors perform the following duties:

  • Exercise corporate responsibilities consistent with applicable laws and in accordance with the Charter of the Federation; seek funding opportunities, expand educational, charitable or special projects, and other activities that benefit the states, regions, and national membership; lead in advocacy drives affecting Filipinos in the United States and overseas.
  • Implement policies and carry out objectives defined and approved by NaFFAA’s bylaws; promote programs that underscore Filipino traditions, customs, culture, and values; and enhance the Filipino American experience and integration in the United States.
  • Establish guidelines for the creation and empowerment of regional and state chapters, and/or dissolution of regional and state chapters; lend support and affirmation to state and regional initiatives; encourage and support the growth of states and regions through membership drives and initiatives that draw members to joining the federation; mentor state and regional leaders and create opportunities for leadership training.
  • Establish policies and procedures for the transaction of business, coordination of NaFFAA activities, operation and maintenance of a national headquarters and other offices; initiate a national fund-raising project annually to supplement funds in the national treasury.

The National Chair appoints the Chairs of the Directorates, and standing and ad hoc Committees as necessary.

Board of Directors | Directorates | Committees | Regions

11th National Empowerment Conference Corporate Sponsors


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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