Know Your Rights under Obama Executive Order


Memo For: Giselle Rushford, Executive Director
CC: JT Mallonga, Chairman; Emraida Kiram, Vice Chairman; Brendan Flores, Treasurer; and Mariela Fletcher, National Secretary.
Subject: Know Your Rights under the Obama Executive Fiat on immigration 112014
Date: November 29, 2014

In view of the impact to all FILAM community of the Executive Order of Pres. Obama on 112014, it behooves NaFFAA , as the voice of the Filipino community all over the nation, to go down in their respective jurisdiction and to lead in the information dissemination on the the whys and wherefors of this executive order.

Accordingly, the NaFFAA National Directorate on Advocacy has taken the initiative of providing pertinent materials on the subject. Included herein are the following:

  1. The Executive Order dated 112014 of Obama.
  2. A copy of the Immigration Chart for easy understanding and handling of the material points impacting the community.
  3. A printed Guide to Obama’s Executive Order issued by INS itself, and
  4. Data on Demographics from PEW Foundation as to the impact of the executive order to the nation.

It is hope that these materials would provide exciting and relevant information to our respective communities as NaFFAA goes down nationwide with its information dissemination activities in the days to come.

Kindly, share this email to all members of the BOG and Operational Area Directors for their immediate consideration and appropriate action.

Thank you.

Emerito Salud, Esq.
National Directorate for Advocacy

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