1 thought on “Community Service Awards Set in San Diego, California

  1. Ernesto M. Gange

    I appreciate the NaFFAA policymakers, in its decision to formally launch the Alex Esclamado Award for Community Service. This is a long delayed action in our part. I also suggest, that, we expand the Awards to other areas, because, the Filipinos have excelled in other areas, such as, journalism, medicine, math and sciences, engineering, military, nursing, business, law, maritime (crews of merchant shipping), domestic services (housekeepers) etc. etc. The Awards must include all Filipinos worldwide, and, not limited only to Filipinos in America. I also suggest that we collaborate with the United Nations and other Filipino international organizations. We have done it in June 5, 1995 for President Cory Aquino. LET US MAKE NAFFAA THE ORGANIZATION OF FILIPINOS WORLDWIDE. Ernesto Gange


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