Hawak Kamay Project


For Philippines with Love – Hawak Kamay (Holding Hands)

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines has left the country recovering from a national disaster, leaving over 4 million people homeless and Filipino families struggling to survive. The biggest devastation is the destruction of many homes and the Wells Fargo team members in the Philippines are working closely with Habitat for Humanity International to rebuild homes in April and May. Coinciding with Asian Heritage month in May, the Asian Connection ELT would like to support our team members in the Philippines by providing cultural awareness and community outreach across the enterprise through “for Philippines with Love.”

Hawak Kamay is a Filipino phrase that translates to “holding hands”. The Asian Connection ELT would like to extend or “reach a kamay” from our team members in the US to the team members and communities in the Philippines.

This is where your support is needed. The Asian Connection ELT needs your support in hosting an event where team members, family members and friends can draw the outline of their hands, decorate the paper hands with the Philippine flag colors, and submit to the Asian Connection ELT with the goal of collecting at least 8000 various paper hands. Each paper hand outline will be drawn, decorated and signed by a different person. 8000 is roughly the amount of miles from Wells Fargo San Francisco’s headquarters to the Philippines. By collecting 8000 various hand prints and with the Wells Fargo Foundation donating $3 per hand, we can raise an estimate total of $24,000, which would build approximately 10 homes in the Philippines.

Instruction Tool Kit for events

All that is needed for a successful event are the materials listed below, team members, family members, friends and your giving spirit. This Diversity and Inclusion exercise could be included in any event that you deem fit. Please take pictures and videos of your volunteer event. Your video or photo may be used for internal and/or external marketing purposes.

Materials Needed

  • 1 sheet of White Bond Paper
  • Coloring Pencils/Markers/Crayons (Blue, Red, White, Gold/Yellow Only)
    • Note that Yellow may be used instead of Gold
  • Your Hand (left or right)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Creating your unique hand print will be part of your contribution to the campaign. In designing and creatively coloring your hand print should be limited to the colors represented in the Philippines flag. However your creativity isn’t restricted to the coloring but be mindful that this hand print will be connected collectively to 8000 hand prints, so it may be glued, taped, punch holed for ribbons, etc.

  1. Take your sheet of bond paper and place your hand with your fingers spread. Draw the outline of your unique hand with a pencil and add about 1-2 inches of your wrist. So place your hand somewhat to the center of the paper.
  2. Design, color, and decorate the sheet as you wish. Keep in mind the only portion that will be displayed is within your hand outline.
  3. Cut the outline of your hand print using a pair of scissors.
  4. On the back of the hand, either sign or create a unique imprint of yourself to identify that it is you. We ask one hand print per person.

NOTE: The handprints must be sent in before June 20.

Click on Hawak Kamay Flyer to download the Wells Fargo invitation for us to lend a “Kamay” to rebuild homes in the Philippines.

1 thought on “Hawak Kamay Project

  1. tor ian malin

    Hello there,
    Please watch on YouTube a documentary of GMA News TV entitled “Silang Wala sa Mapa”, an award winning documentary in the 2014 New York Festivals
    Here is the link



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