Typhoon Haiyan (aka Yolanda): Locating Missing Relatives

If you lost contact with relatives in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan (aka Yolanda) struck, you may wish to try one of the methods below to locate them.

For US Citizens with relatives in the Philippines, please email acsinfomanila@state.gov and provide as much detailed information on the person that you are looking for as possible: Name, Age, Gender, Address, etc.

For non-US Citizens, visit website http://ndrrmc.gov.ph/ that the Philippine government set up to post real-time information on the names of known deceased.

2 thoughts on “Typhoon Haiyan (aka Yolanda): Locating Missing Relatives

  1. NiHAWmA "The Only ONE"

    In this difficult situation, the Filipino people will always be survivors and will remain resilient amid the grief and pain so many were going through, having lost so much. Filipinos are strong and will rise again. Just would like to share this.



  2. ASV

    Mga pinuno sa Naffaa/Kababayan:
    Among the worst hit provinces due toTyphoon Yolanda/Haiyan is Capiz,
    the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.
    Damage on infrastructure & agriculture was recorded at Php 1,595,712,400
    & Php 461,376,519.50. respectively.

    Up to 90% of the schools were damaged.

    In the town of Mambusao alone, the worst damaged among all towns of Capiz,
    the rice granary of Capiz, & home to two state university campuses, more than 5000 houses were totally destroyed.A total of 26,592 persons were affected.There are only 90 evacuation centers with capacity of 1850 persons.Estimated cost of damage to infrastructure is Php 385,560,103.26.
    Damage to agriculture is estimated at Php 49,690,950.00.

    Please visit the
    HelpCapiz website & youtube pictures of the massive destruction in Capiz/Mambusao..

    I hope donated funds/resources will be prioritized to reach the areas/towns
    that need it most such as Capiz soon to help with urgent emergency relief/services.
    & rehabilitation/reconstruction.

    Donations can be directly (Direct transfer) sent to:

    the Archdiocese of Capiz

    Acct Name:Roman Catholic Bishop of Capiz
    Routing No:0210-0002-1
    Acct. type: Dollar
    Bank:Bank of the Philippine Islands
    Bank Branch: BPI Roxas Avenue Branch
    Swift code:BOPIPHMM
    Suggested Mode of Payment:

    I believe that in order for Filipinos to have utmost confidence in
    the fund funnels that transparency be the official policy so that all accounting records of all donations be made accessible to the public through this website or through the website of the agency responsible for distribution of funds to intended victims
    & recipients/beneficiaries of donated funds should likewise submit accounting records of how the funds were utilized.

    Another suggestion is for this website to accept/allow posting of information & pictures from recipient member community organizations of the status of their communities & ongoing relief efforts & their progress..

    Maraming salamat sa lahat. Sa pamamagitan ng tulong ng lahat na mga
    kasapi ng NAFFAA at iba pang organization at mga kaibigan ay babangon ulit ang mga naaffectuhan ng matinding hagupit ng bagyong nakaraan.
    Mabuhay ang bayanihan Pilipino!.
    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


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