2 thoughts on “Global Filipinos: A Sleeping Giant

  1. Alma Agunod Reed

    Wow…… What an informative article you wrote, Mr. Chua.! This article should be distributed in schools, any entities and all over. This is indeed a perfect information to ende Philippine American History Month….. MABUHAY…..!

  2. Ernesto M. Gange

    This is to express my appreciation to Dr. Philip Chua’s article, describing the Global Filipinos
    A giant is a person or thing of extraordinary size of importance, according the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

    When we observed the Golden Anniversary in honor of the 50th anniversary of Philippine Independence from the United States of America, (1946-1996) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July 4, 1996, I invited Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos, as our Guest Speaker. and, he sent the former Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Raul S. Manglapus to deliver his speech.

    Secretary Raul Manglapus emphasized the importance of the Role of the Filipino-Americans in the US-Philippines relations, because, the Philippines is the source of the largest Foreign Aid to the United States.
    He also said, that, the USA spend an average of $250,000 to produce one (1) Doctor of Medicine, and, at least $100,000, to produce one (1) with a Bachelor’s Degree in college.
    There are over 10 million college graduates from the Philippines, who live and work around the world today, therefore, the Philippines have provided an equivalent of over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of Foreign Aid to the world.
    I would like to defer with the perception of my friend, Dr. Philip Chua, in describing the overseas Filipinos as SLEEPING GIANT.

    Their over 10 million GLOBAL FILIPINOS, residing and working overseas. They the “BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST,”
    They are Philippines’ biggest FOREIGN AID TO THE WORLD. They are “alive and kicking”, and the source of over $20 billion dollars annually to the homeland, and, they should be recognized and honoured, as an AWAKENED GIANT. We must not deny them that honor, because of the significance of their contributions in the development of the Republic of the Philippines, in spite of the PORK BARREL SCAM OF THE MEMBERS OF PHILIPPINE CONGRESS , PHILIPPINE SENATE AND HIGH RANKING GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

    MABUHAY ANG OVERSEAS PILIPINOS! not sleeping giant anymore.

    Ernesto M. Gange
    Founding Chair, NaFFAA PENNSYLVANIA


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