1 thought on “August 2013 Issue of NaFFAA National Newsletter

  1. erniegange@aol.com

    Dear Editor,

    Congratulations! The NaFFAA Newsletter has greatly improved, it is professionally done. I want to thank the LEADER ON THE SPOT, Romy Jurani. Now, we are beginning to know the people who make a difference, in our Filipino Community in particular and in the world in general. Romy, you are great, and, you have my vote.

    I would like to suggest that we also feature the State Chapters, their programs and their members of good standing. Our success as an organization depend on our members, and “THE GLUE THAT BINDS US”

    Thank you Ed, Ryan, Armin, and all those who work behind the scene in making this publication a reality

    Best regards.



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