Wed, August 28, 2013 7:35 am

Dear Everyone:

It was pretty hectic and a fruitful day and a half Strategic Planning Summit which you can see in the summation below–Ed Navarra, Gloria Caoile and others gave their own recaps in previous emails, so I will fill in the main points of the Summit:

Day One: August 17, 2013, 8 am through 5 pm

We used the True Colors exercise as icebreaker and attendees were asked to use the colors throughout the Summit as a tool for better communication with each other. We all have the four colors: Orange, Blue, Green and Gold. One or two colors may play a dominant role depending on where we are in our lives. If this is an enigma to those who did not attend, just email me for information on True Colors.

Because we delayed the parliamentary process to Day Two, we were able to add two more One Page presenters: Marilyn Doromal–Mentoring Future Leaders and the Utah State Youth Leader on Filipino American Youth in Higher Education. The One Pagers can be found in our website:

I asked for Motions from the One Pager Presenters for Day Two’s consideration (some emailed but most slipped notes in my pocket).

We ended on time.

Day Two: August 18, 2013, 8 am through 12 pm


I read the eleven motions and each motion was deliberated through the Parliamentary process presided by JT Mallonga (National Vice Chair), with Giselle Rushford and Jing Espiritu facilitating. Attached are the Resolutions approved by the BOD (we had a quorum with 16 voting members)–details are in the Official Minutes taken by Atty. Nadia Jurani’s team, Region XI.


Based on JT Mallonga’s presentation on the Task Force Creation, six (6) Task Forces were created to move NaFFAA forward with each Task Force communicating with each other. Attached is the before and after organization chart presented at the Summit. The ultimate goal is for each Region to come up with Programs that can be funded by National through the Finance/Funding Task Force. He also appointed Emraida Kiram, Brendan Flores and Giselle Rushford as the National Task Force Committee Members to oversee the Task Forces, with Bing Branigan as the Ombudsman to ensure continuous communication.

The Committee met after the Summit and divided the task forces to oversee.

  • Brendan oversees the Finance/Funding and Communication Task Forces;
  • Giselle oversees Education/Training and Advocacy; and
  • Emraida oversees Community Organizing and Community Services.
  • The Committee meets Monthly (teleconference), first call is second Tuesday, September , 9 pm EST.
  • We will have a quarterly teleconference with all Task Force Chairs or reps, first call is third week of October, 9 pm EST.

Task Force membership is still open and there are two requirements: you are passionate about the subject matter of your Task Force and are accountable once you join a Task Force. Anyone wanting to join, please let me know by August 31st. Those listed in the attached Task Force list should provide their contact information–email and phone or cell number. Please note the Finance and Funding Task Force has organized itself right after the Summit. Real go getters with Jing Espiritu at the helm!!

Each Task Force will provide the National Task Force Committee the job description of the Task Forces and the roles and responsibilities of each team member by September 30th. Bing Branigin will be knocking on your door when time commitment is missed.

We also ended on time, with Ed giving his closing remarks and Greg Macabenta enthused in expanding the Alex Esclamado Scholarship Program–details to follow from the Committee (Gloria Caoile, Luly Esclamado, Jon Melegrito and Giselle Rushford). The Scholarship Program will be under the Education/Training Task Force.

Best regards,


Giselle Rushford
303 465-4070
NaFFAA Region V Chair

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