THANK YOU: NaFFAA Summit – August 2013

Dear Everyone:

It was such a pleasure to be the Chair and Co-Facilitator of the NaFFAA’s Strategic Planning Summit 2013. We are forever in debt to Ed Navarra, our National Chair for his tenaciousness in making this Summit possible. The Steering Committee: Gloria Caoile, JT Mallonga, Ryan Tejero, Jing Espiritu, Ed Navarra, Romy Jurani and me worked for months to plan this Summit. Planning a summit or conference almost always has its challenges, but in the end we knew that we were all working towards a common goal: Strengthening NaFFAA as it moves forward. What a great TEAM!

Without the fine facilitation skills of my Co-facilitator and our Master of Ceremonies—Jing Espiritu, your Summit would not have been as effective, your words not ours. Of course, Jing and Gloria Caoile’s coordination skills created an environment conducive to a smooth running operation. But this would not have been possible without the support of Region XI under Romy and Nadia Jurani’s leadership. There are so many people in Region XI to thank but I don’t want to miss anyone so I will just say I am in your debt.

And then there was YOU (is that a song?). Your participation, engagement and cooperation were the key to a successful and fruitful Summit. You agreed to the ground rules, were flexible to the last minute changes we made to the agenda, met your time commitments, stuck to the issue, you kept your cool even when the discussion got too exciting, and in the end we finished on time on both days.

We appreciated the active participation of our Youth and Young Professionals (during my time YUPPIES). Region X (Dr. Cudal was instrumental in making this happen) and XI (Nevada, Utah and Arizona—thanks to Jing) were well represented and we hope the trend continues with other regions especially during the Empowerment Conference in SD, 2014.

Thanks to our young leaders the word ACCOUNTABILITY has been the mantra all throughout the summit, therefore below is a list of sources of funds (Washington DC Office, Alex Esclamado and other funds raised are excluded)—more accounting to follow to:

The total amount raised ($5,000) for the NaFFAA Strategic Planning Summit through sponsors:

1. Wells Fargo Bank – $2,000.00 c/o Ed Navarra thru Brendan Flores.
2. PNB-RCI – $1,500.00 c/o Jing Espiritu
3. Western Union – $1,000.00 c/o Jing Espiritu (Collectible)
4. Region 11 – $500.00 c/o Jing Espiritu thru Romy Jurani.

The conference room for a day and half has been gratis through the generosity of APALA with Ms. Gloria Caoile’s exemplary dedication to NaFFAA. Also through her, Jing and Region 11’s prudent spending, the attendees did not spend anything on the dinner reception, two continental breakfasts and one lunch (the Bento box from Aloha Kitchen was sumptuous).

There will be followup statements and recap emails, so stay tuned.

For process improvement please complete the Summit feedback form and email to Ryan Tejero (a Steering Committee member who could not make the Summit due to previous family commitments) who will collect the results of the survey:

Finally—we are MOVING FORWARD!

Best regards,


Giselle Rushford

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